Toast of the Day

I wish I could tell people that things are not important.  It’s the helping hand.  It’s the ability to understand and provide.

Most of the time my brain has loopholes that I don’t try to fill in with things anyhow.  Blame it on my idealism as stated in the overall understanding of INFJ…  Well, I’ve just lost my writing momentum this morning.

I just want to share that I made toast this morning.  Used a whatever method of putting this, adding that and chucking them in the oven.  Pulled this out and built this.  I feel great that it turned to out to be food.  Wholesome food.

There times when I feel small in my own role as a wife, mother and daughter, that when people actually respond to what I provide them, it feels good.  It’s not a lie.  The whole process isn’t a lie.  I don’t know if it makes any sense to you or even if you understand what I’m trying to say.  But, it’s just not a lie.

When there is no lie, I hope people are happy.

Note to Self: Ate herself happily into the 8th of her stomach where she will suffer of much guilt for the rest of the day, when it is only morning now.  

Toast of the Day

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