Epic Road Tripping

I have been feeling lonely in the pit of my stomach.  Really. You are actually alone.  In sequence from birth until you die.  You are truly responsible for yourself.  It is never anybody’s fault on the choices you have made. You were given situations that made you choose them.  But ultimately, it is your choice to choose, decide and be done with it.

There is this tiredness in me.  I feel like a recluse.  But at the same time I get worked up about people judging me.  Then it makes me feel that I should show them something about how I’ve spent onto myself.  All in together, that’s not what I’m about.  So this vent is upside down within this person of me to squash and control it from bouncing as hyper speed in that emotion box.

Yes, I am tired.  Yes, I need sleep.  Yes, I need hugs.  Yes, I need inspiration and the push to want to be somewhere.

Note to Self: I’m bored. (pause) Now, isn’t this so INFJ?


Epic Road Tripping

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