A Little Story and A Little Stress

It has been many days that I have not been writing.  Maybe the wires in my head connected. Or I didn’t have time to connect. Or they were disconnected.  I have no idea.  Perhaps the latter applies.  When has it ever was connected?

We had a gathering at home over the weekend.  My aunt who lives abroad, returns for a short visit home with her husband before adventuring the Java and to head on home straight after.  They are into their 70s now.  Or her husband is.  Actually, I think it’s both of them.  Her husband was super tired from all the food and functions and the receiving endless visits from family.  He was so drained, he kept drinking the kampong coffee I made for him without really tasting them.  I hope he didn’t leave being drunk on them.  Although my aunt was endlessly chatting and had her fun.  And her husband kept telling us, “I will go and see after my wife now,” he kept going three times before they actually proceeded to outside the house.  Poor man.  Haha.

Perhaps it is the cycle that I end up doing coordination things for other people where in the end my priorities linger elsewhere until the last minutes of wrath.  No, I know.  I am guilty of procrastination.  Like now.  But truthfully, I seriously need to wind down a few minutes before I begin again.  But that is also when I get interrupted to do something else not mine.  You know what I mean?

Technically, I am well.  Just with headaches here and there.  And just tired.  I’m just tired all the time.  I don’t know why.  Just constantly tired.

Now I need a dark room, with fluffiness of bed and coolness of temperature.

Just a little insight for myself today.  I believe I have majority of the below in line.  Only I try to forgive.  Because forgiving will set you free – but it does nothing to your High Blood Pressure – you’ll continue to be on medication until you die.


Note: I’m so sleepy and kinda moody right now. And I’ve only managed to settle 1 major task today.  I feel like such a failure.  (Well, actually, not really.  I just need someone to console me for something that has not happen – yet.  I’m bad.) 


Author: momsthetruth

Struggling INFJ living in broad daylight and pretends she sleeps through the day like a vampire but knows nothing about Twilight, aside of that hairy beast thing that changes when the girl he can't have does something that can get herself killed.

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