Off Awesome in Loopy

Yesterday I got to the coin laundry and got all washing done in 25kg colour and 9kg white. All of the clothes got dry on time. We all grabbed a a light weight brunch and proceeded to visit 4 houses to celebrate the Eid festivities.

So today I woke up late. He went off to work early this morning. And I woke up to unfolded laundry all over the bedoom floor in this studio room we share in my mom’s  (actually still my dad and mom’s) house. 

Got down straight to cut some pears for the kids who has already been whining for hunger. Then I went to scrub their school shoes for the week. Worried that it was cloudy. And indeed at this time of the night, the shoes are still slightly damp. But I’ve chalked them white anyhow.

Got on to fold the clothes. Not all was done because the kids were still hunger. I mean, what would you expect from just pears. So I got them ready and told them we were going to get groceries for breakfast and as I made the turn away from home, he called to say he was going to come home within the hour and off we were to go to his friend’s daughter’s birthday party. Aih. Got them something light and turned back home.

Looking at my wardrobe was frustrating. I didn’t know what looks good on me, really. His eyes are fussy. So I put on some clothes while my mom fed the kids from some take out she bought, and in he came telling me the clothes weren’t nice. Tantrum. I didn’t hold back. Tantrum. Explained tantrum. He listened. We finally left in his choice of clothing. My mom just smiled and noted on his fussiest.  

We got home. He put the kids out. I fell asleep. He went back to work. I got depressed from all the pending items and continued sleeping. One child woke me up. He was hungry. I saw the mess in the room and piles to be ironed. Cringed. Still cringing.

Got ready. Then they said instant noodles were on the list. Aih. Instant noodles. 

Brought 2 kids with me for the groceries at 8.30pm.  Got some Baskin Robbins to lift spirit up. Then I added with Starbucks. Put then to bed as it reaches 10.00pm. Went down to chalk their shoes and now sitting outside the house in an invisible corner for smokes and blog. I still hide the fact that I smoke from my mom although I’m sure she knows it. 

I still have some 5% of folding, and 100% of ironing. But I’ve got a tummy ache now. And the phone’s battery is down to 37%. With the new Android update, the battery will die faster if it’s below 50%.

He’s still at work.

At least I got to talk and debate my views of my day’s frustration with the kids while we were out of the house just now. I’m thankful that they’re very much emotionally apt for these adult conversations.

That’s it for today.

Please don’t mind the misspelling all as it autocorrects itself as I go and Im not bothered to reread this post before posting it online.

No photo today.

Ok. Bye.


Author: momsthetruth

Struggling INFJ living in broad daylight and pretends she sleeps through the day like a vampire but knows nothing about Twilight, aside of that hairy beast thing that changes when the girl he can't have does something that can get herself killed.

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