Rainbow Unicorn

I asked from God for happy.

I asked from God for smiles within my heart.

I asked from God this rainbow unicorn aura from me.

That’s all that I identify myself with. It’s tiring to be down and empty. Just staring out like a CCTV that captures everything but has no essence. Each track must have music that makes you feel something. And every piece of clothing you put on to make you feel something when you put them on. Beautiful. Comfortable. A person.

How else do I put myself into words?

I’m gonna wear that rainbow unicorn in me to make it happy and smiles all over. I must move myself forward for whatever things I get to read of the news that’s disheartening. Just because, feelings needs recharging. Bad energies need time to fulfill with good energies. And the need to sustain it.

Reminding myself that I’m needed and worth it.

So I can put on the damn songs for as loud as I feel appropriate to boost myself up – with the rainbow unicorn propped on my head!



Author: momsthetruth

Struggling INFJ living in broad daylight and pretends she sleeps through the day like a vampire but knows nothing about Twilight, aside of that hairy beast thing that changes when the girl he can't have does something that can get herself killed.

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