Just Another Day Away

Her eyes droop. The lids are heavy. Heaving the tiredness absorbed from the afternoon heat. It has not been raining for the past week. But that falling asleep on the office desk is the last thing she should do. Does anyone realise that the centralised air conditioning gets cooler when the day is screaming hot outside?

Twitching her neck and stretching her fingers around, she gets up to make coffee. It is her second mug today. She just cannot afford to lose focus right now.  The thought of that urgent proposal is already crawling through her. It must be out for circulation by today.

A thousand and one things go around her mind as she walks to the pantry. Running through the drop off of her children at school that morning, to making that dream holiday happen in 10 year’s time.

“There must be so many other things that can be made a reality to be happy in a shorter length of time,” she thought.

In the drama of her own head multiple conversations, she wonders if there is any button to choose from that can Quicken the jump from all her dreams to really real reality.

She knows that there is so much more to lose taking shortcuts.

“This, is sufficient for now,” she tells herself aloud firmly with a nod.

Slowly she paces back to concentrate finishing that important document for the day. It is just another day away from it all. In all faith and determination, even though it may be long to reach, she just knows that she will get there some day.


Author: momsthetruth

Her own worse critic, full of love and full of walls. She can't digest her own brain + emotion combo, with the littlest emotional bin EVER. They all just must be out, somewhere; sometimes imprinted into the walls of her blog etches.

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