Self-Processing, the INFJ Way

I didn’t cry on the treadmill last night. It just turned out to be a whole different direction for me.

As the working hours ended, I was still calculating in my head:

  1. Do I still go on to fetch my daughter in school despite she has prearranged school transportation for home? Just because it is on the way, in between here and the gym and the house.
  2. Do I really want to get to the gym? Like, really hun?
  3. Who was I doing it for, this gym-going thingamajig?

Luckily for me, by the time I stopped thinking, I was already dealing with a little bit of traffic just 2 traffic lights before getting to the place. While I was pulling the car into parking, I found a familiar face I’ve come across before. We ended up talking for 1.5 hours standing on the parking lot with me refusing her efforts to get us to the coffee house for some drinks.

As I walked into the gym, my head was blundering yet again:

  1. Do I just hit the sauna for a gazillion hours until I shrink to L?
  2. Do I get on the treadmill and then hit the sauna for the gazillion hours until I shrink smaller like M or S?
  3. Or do I hit the sauna, then get on the treadmill, then sauna again?

So the guy at the reception said, “Exercise first, then sauna”.  Okay. No more mystery to solve then.

I fiddled with the machine since I haven’t been to it for a few months. My setting came to a very slow pace. Like, WTF is wrong with this effing thing? Err, did I just break it? Apparently it was a hiking mode that went on for 30 minutes and helped me to shed 186 calories, even more than running. Okay, congratulations to self.

It was during the walk that someone asked me to join the Zumba class. The feeling inside went:


Yes, a feeling that I couldn’t describe.

Massive uncondensed emotion when decisions are to be made for self. This INFJ gets into internal emotional weightage turned in complicated point form of percentage. [Head banging here. Haha.]

But I went anyway. I just thought that I could get away from this creepy man who has been staring (at least I felt like he was) at my whole awesome triangular XL body shape (like, really dude?). Who knows I might enjoy Zumba? And I suppose Creepy Guy wanted to have some fun too. Then suddenly, I found him in the Zumba Studio too.

As I struggle with the dances moves, I realized that I look like Mrs Potatohead who when moving limbs is as if no limbs are available to be moved, in the mirror, while others are jiving, with Creepy Man still behind me. My bum must be tantalizing. This conversation isn’t going anywhere you know. Lolz.

So I kept myself in the sauna for 30 minutes – finally, the whole drive for me to get to the gym in the first place. YES, MADAME SAUNA SHALL MAKE ME PRETTY.

Got home, I didn’t feel tired. Struggled with sleep a little bit and woke up one hour after normal weekday morning hours. All the morning people has left for school and work. I was awesomely on time for work, but without shower. Sufficient enough that I did shower the night before and brushed my teeth then and this morning.

And today seems to be an appropriate day for a Blake Shelton playlist.

This is a good start. I must remind myself that all this, is for myself.


Author: momsthetruth

Struggling INFJ living in broad daylight and pretends she sleeps through the day like a vampire but knows nothing about Twilight, aside of that hairy beast thing that changes when the girl he can't have does something that can get herself killed.

3 thoughts on “Self-Processing, the INFJ Way”

  1. This made me laugh, the thought process that happens at the gym. I always say to my partner when we go “Do you have a plan today?”, cos it’s so easy to get muddled and end up standing there with a vacant expression while making the ultimate decision, sauna or treadmill- haha. Well done, keep at it.


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