A Little Need, Just Not Right Now


Her head is lost in sleepiness. She told him that she feels abandonment. He tried to reciprocate with something nice but the sentiment is lost with the connection he was trying to make. It didn’t connect. She isn’t going to even ask why.

It’s time to pack for home. She hasn’t been functioning well this entire week. It feels at loss knowing that there should’ve been done a thousand things but focus was absent. There is a need to centralise herself again. And all she could think of another getaway to an island that she so badly need but cannot afford right now.


She decides to think nothing much of it. It is just timely to pack and go home. Hopefully next week will be better one for both herself at work and at home.


Author: momsthetruth

Struggling INFJ living in broad daylight and pretends she sleeps through the day like a vampire but knows nothing about Twilight, aside of that hairy beast thing that changes when the girl he can't have does something that can get herself killed.

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