Memories of Yarns and Blankets

Sometimes in the back of my head, I’m rooted back to the gray.

I blanket myself from hurt, to grace with inner strength instead. There are days when the brain pulls out a memory or two that intertwines and make sense, bringing out the pain that happened in the past, to now. Yes, it is unfair. It is unfair to me. If I was totally knackered then, how even more when it’s on repeat? Why can’t it just be black and white? I want to bridge that memory to be laid safely in the ‘Box of Life’s Journey – Done’ and lace them with perfume and countless yarn designs.


Each memory is never bitter. There is sweetness in each awakening. There are tears of joy, hurt, regret and hopefulness. Some emotions outweigh the positive ones in some stories.

I was life’s apprentice; and I still am, where I hope to graduate with grace.


Author: momsthetruth

Struggling INFJ living in broad daylight and pretends she sleeps through the day like a vampire but knows nothing about Twilight, aside of that hairy beast thing that changes when the girl he can't have does something that can get herself killed.

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