Lulling Cotton Wool and Rainbows

When my brain is stuffed with fuzzy cotton wool, rainbows and Pusheen, I let songs play on loud enough to connect my brain. Let the thinking waves go into the invisible dotted lines to put me into concentrate and relax mode. Being able to work while singing instead of allowing me go berserk, shoving everything aside and me, completely turned away to doing something absolutely opposite of what I’m supposed to.

Like posting THIS! – The fuzziness of a bunch of Pusheens is mind shocking to the membrane. 

So, I suppose I’ll call that stuff that I do, my NONE BOX. I mean, men have that NOTHING BOX, right? It goes well with ‘lulling my none box’. Haha. I’m lulling. Hahaha.

(I just rejected a letter someone asked for my boss to sign. Hahaha. I’m such a b*tch. Hahaha.)

Lulling back to work then.

Author: momsthetruth

Her own worse critic, full of love and full of walls. She can't digest her own brain + emotion combo, with the littlest emotional bin EVER. They all just must be out, somewhere; sometimes imprinted into the walls of her blog etches.

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