Rant rant rant


About Amy

Amy has a problem. She has always felt Nyla doesn’t deserve a place in my life. So when the word broke out that Nyla and I went to hospital together along with our local loudspeaker Toni and her BFF Sophie… it became a huge thing in one chat group.

Transparently I explained that it wasn’t planned and we met the other 2 in the hospital. I shouldn’t have to but I did anyway as I don’t appreciate anyone to PM me (her) wanting to know what happened.

I have noticed this before. This envy and sentences for attention when it is given more to others, which I ignore. Especially when she doesn’t know about it firsthand. Or that was not consulted with. So, not knowing anything only to find out about it later in a group full of ex-schoolmates, it becomes a big deal.

She laments how bad the decision by the ailing guy’s wife was when she decided to cut people from visiting him until yesterday. To which I replied, that that was probably the best decision his wife felt best for him. We would all probably feel uneasy to have people come visit while trying to resting or sleeping.

“It is ignorance for her not to consult other people with cancer’s support for best way to care for their loved ones. She is mature enough to learn. She should.”

I decide not to comment. It still pisses me off.

Well, your feelings are not my F problem. Please sort yourself out.

About Miss B*tch

Asked if she was free for coffee. Said she was still at work and too bogged down. I said OK. We steer off when she’s at work. OK as in “Oopsie sorry I bugged you, I understand, again sorry; so we won’t need to further this and I’ll be off your back like right now”. I know writing that long sentence has a 99% chance it will irate her and push me so away farther. So, “OK”.

“my boss quit last month so i seriously no mood to socialise”

This rejected self. I am the social in socialise. I don’t even define social. It makes me angry.

This is me

All I wanted was some time with somebody. My SILs aren’t free. Everyone else is occupied and my DH has been on 24hr shifts for the longest time. The average he stays home is 1-3 hours every few days in between that he struggles with. Either that or he sleeps for 4 hours and heads to work.

So you know what? I don’t give a F about what you think or what you think of what my life is. I don’t pay your bills and neither you do mine.

Please go on ahead and F yourselves. Maybe I’m being sensitive. But who cares anyway? Clearly no one does.


Edit: In the tone of being upset, the first composition wasn’t clear enough to tell the story.

Note: I am still so angry.

Author: INFJ Mommy

Her own worse critic, full of love and full of walls. She can't digest her own brain + emotion combo, with the littlest emotional bin EVER. They all just must be out, somewhere; sometimes imprinted into the walls of her blog etches.

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